Laser cutting

Laser cutting

The laser is a device capable of emitting a beam of coherent light, monochromatic and concentrated in a rectilinear radius extremely bright, collimated through the process of stimulated emission.

These three properties are the basis of the wide range of applications that the laser devices have had, and continue to have in various fields: very high brightness, generated by concentrating a lot of power in a very small area, the laser gives the ability of cutting, engraving and welding metals.

The laser beam is a universal tool for cutting, welding and surface treatment. Works without contact, and then without any problem of wear. laser cutting works without leaving burrs at the corners, with a small slit cutting and high feed rates and with minimal delays in the production of the piece, as well as the quenching of the edges. These are just some examples which show the technological advantages and the productivity of processing the material resulting from the use of the laser. The development of laser systems in the industrial field in the eighties has brought a revolution in materials processing. The high power density at the focus of the laser beam to beam manages to blend almost any material in thousandths of a second, without contact and transport of energy. This enables high speed processing and a minimum heat input to the workpiece with a reduction in wear. The laser beam cuts thick steel sheets, steel reactors evaporates and divides the hardest materials in nature, from diamonds to textile materials, from glass to wood laminates.

The laser beam is shown as a multipurpose tool: processing occurs without contact with a reduced thermal influence; any profile in thin or thick material can be cut with precision and very high speed and with outstanding quality cutting edges.

Advantages of laser cutting applied to our reality

  • With the TruLaser 5030 fiber we offer the most economical solution for highly productive processing with the solid state laser.
  • Thanks to the BrightLine fiber option, it is possible to obtain excellent quality of the pieces not only with thin sheets but also with sheets of high thickness.
  • Possibility to cut non-conductive metals such as brass and copper
  • Greater speed and less need for maintenance
  • Greater efficiency than the CO2 laser
  • The laser cutter works without leaving burrs with a small cutting slot
  • High processing speeds allow minimum production times
  • The processing takes place without contact with a reduced thermal influence, thus avoiding damage to the material
  • Any profile, whether very thin or thick, can be cut quickly, precisely and with excellent edge cutting quality.

Processing conditions

  • Maximum processing area of ​​1500 x 3000 cm
  • Processing on specific thicknesses and materials (table alongside)
Taglio Laser

Maximum sheet thicknesses:

Construction steel

up to 25mm

Inox steel

Up to 20mm


Up to 20mm


Up to 10mm


Up to 10mm