Combined processing

Combined processing with Trumatic 1000

Combined processing is a process that allows you to laser cut, punch and deform metal (and non-metallic) materials of various thicknesses and finishes.

Exclusivity of combined processing

  • With the TruMatic 1000 fiber we combine laser processing, punching, threading and deformation of the sheet metal in a single machining center.
  • Ability to perform rolled threads from M3 to M8, without making chips therefore with a high resistance.
  • Possibility of carrying out deformations of various kinds and flaring that replace the classic drill machining therefore they do not leave deformations in the part opposite to the flaring.
  • Possibility of rolling on panels to rib the piece in place of the classic reinforcement omega.
  • The machine is equipped with a bench where the slabs are placed, which allows to work the thicknesses up to 3 mm of galvanized or stainless steel / stainless steel protected without scratches on the piece (various scotch brite finishes - 2b - polished).
  • High processing speeds allow minimum production times
  • The processing takes place without contact with a reduced thermal influence, thus avoiding damage to the material
  • Any profile, whether very thin or thick, can be cut quickly, precisely and with excellent edge cutting quality.

Processing conditions

  • Maximum processing area of ​​1500 x 3000 cm
  • Processing on specific thicknesses and materials (table alongside)
Lavorazione in combinata

Maximum sheet thicknesses:

Construction steel

up to 6mm

INOX steel 304 - 316

up to 6mm


up to 6mm


up to 3mm


up to 3mm

Lavorazione in combinata