Company history

1979 Foundation of the company

Start date of the production activity.

1985 Extension of the structure

800 square meter expansion of the property, redistributed the entire production area and created for new machinery.

Introduction of laser cutting

Purchase of the first CO2 laser cutting machine

1995 New expansion of the structure

Following the purchase of the new laser, a further expansion of 1500mq was immediately necessary for the sheet metal warehouse and to better manage the workload, which has increased significantly.

2001 New laser system with automatic warehouse

With the advent of the new millennium, the laser was replaced by a new generation system, fully automatic and in symbiosis with the sheet metal warehouse, capable of picking up, positioning and cutting in complete autonomy.

2008 Great economic growth

In those years Cometal achieved a very important goal, namely the maximum turnover in 10 years of constant growth. Unfortunately, the dark period of deep crisis of metallurgy would have arrived shortly thereafter.

2009 Recession and deep crisis

Immediately after the year of great prosperity, a profound crisis even led to a halving of the turnover, but even if with this, the desire to continue has always been strong, in fact, the redundancy fund has never been requested.

2010 – today Constant growth

Hard years and difficult profits have marked the slow pace of many Italian companies, but Cometal Carpenteria has succeeded, thanks to new investments and specialized training of its staff, as well as the adoption of an ethical code respectful of human resources, to deal with economic strength and solidity in recent years, ending with an always positive trend.